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Welcome to Marriage and Family Counseling page. ​Write or call us with questions about your marriage life.

Email to (or) call us at 714-822-1141. Confidentiality is highly valued.

Our vision is to help Indians, both individuals and families to have a successful relationship that could ignite joy, peace and harmonious living in the new culture they live in.


We offer Spiritual based and moral based counseling .  We have high value for confidentiality with all people.We value service and social welfare and money is not a motive.We Provide quality professional service. We value truthfulness. 



Our mission is to help our Indian and south Asian community to have a healthy Individual and family life that could know the purpose of their lives and respect the purpose adopting a harmonious way of life. Why Counseling?

Counseling focuses on the internal change or change of behavioral patterns and attitude of a person or a family where there is confusion or problem pertaining to;


International Immigration 

Migrating to a new country or a place takes a lot of energy out of everyone as each one has to change a lot to make their marriage or family work.  More open culture has more challenges associated with it.  There are an increasing number of marital problems leading to a divorce.  New culture will bring a lot of new changes which is not foreseen in a marriage. 


Nuclear families

Many families struggle in this new environment due to their change in priorities and needs.  They are pushed to live away from their families without support.  People also feel that sometimes their family policies do not work in this new environment as the whole system around us changes.


Dating / Love marriages

Due to exposure to modernization and western world, the number of arranged marriages has reduced and Dating marriages have emerged. In this new system, it is both good and bad.   Dating marriages sometimes totally lose support from the families that they totally become isolated without marital support systems.  This leads to dissatisfaction in marriage and family life.


Intercultural marriages

More and more dating marriages lead to more intercultural marriages with lots of differences between the couples.  Most couples enter into this marriage relationship with assumptions that it will work well.  To the contrary, they see lots of differences which they do not know how to balance.  Many of us accept and work around it instead of facing it in the right way.


Immigrants through marriage

Many women and men who immigrated after marriage have a hard time understanding the new culture as they don’t have time to experiment in the new environment.  This causes confusion and doubts in the family due to superficial expectation or unreal expectation.


Challenges in raising Kids in New culture

New culture is new to the parents but to the kids who are raised here, it is their culture.  They live two different lives as they are American at school and other social places and Indian at home. 


Family priorities 

The family priority changes when we move to a new culture. This may be from a city to city or from country to country.  We change according to the surrounding environmental needs. This causes confusion and more stress in the family between couples and children.


To discuss with confidentiality or to get more information please email to or call at 714-822-1141.

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